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Counselor: Face each other. Now, in turns, one of you speaks about his or her feelings while the other listens, repeats and, in the end, summarizes. Who wants to start?

Wife: I will. I am not sure how this might help, but I hope it’ll save us. (Takes a deep breath.) I am not happy with our marriage.

Husband: You’re unhappy.

Wife: I feel you don’t appreciate me and my efforts to make this work.

Husband: You feel unappreciated.

Wife: I am not comfortable with you having the guys over for a beer every night.

Husband: You hate my friends.

Counselor: Now, sir, summarize, please.

Husband: I’ll give her the divorce.


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The Clerk

Clerk: Name?

Customer: Linda Parker.

Clerk: Age?

Customer: 29.

Clerk: Date of birth?

Customer: 19th of August, 1984.

Clerk: 19, 0…

Customer: 8.

Clerk: Pardon?

Customer: 19.08.1984.

Clerk: Oh… Thanks…

Customer: No problem.

Clerk: Sex?

Customer: What! Isn’t it obvious?

Clerk: What d’you mean?

Customer: Isn’t it obvious what my sex is?

Clerk: You can’t judge a book by its cover.

Customer: Nor a woman by her boobs?

Clerk: I beg your pardon?

Customer: Oh, nothing… What was the question?

Clerk: Never mind! (he ticks a box on the form) Married?

Customer: Yes.

Clerk: Children? If ‘yes’, how many? If ‘no’, why not?

Customer: No. Technical problems with the ‘plumbing’… Excuse me, are there more such questions?

Clerk: Hmm… about 12 more. Why?Image

Customer: I can’t see their relevance…

Clerk: Look! Do you want to renew your Nectar Card or not?

Note: Nectar Card – a well-known shopping fidelity card in the UK

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